Grinder Mixer Auger Replacement (S)

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(1) auger arm; Strong & Flexible or FUD

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This is a replacement auger arm for a 1:64 scale grinder mixer. Fits Ertl and other manufacturer models. NOTE: this item is the auger arm only and does not include the mixer.

The small part of the arm will need to be snapped on to the long shaft and should rotate freely about the axis. The completed arm then snaps on the mixer itself. If the fit on the mixer is to tight, slightly sand the inner portion of the connector.

Please note: the photos depict a version of the auger printed on our in-house FDM printer and are shown as proof-of-design and fit. This model contains printing artifacts left-over from support removal and has not been smoothed. We are offering this item through Shapeways as in-house quality and price can not match that of Shapeways.

Printed by Shapeways in Strong & Flexible: nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel; or Frosted Ultra Detail: Matte translucent plastic that showcases incredibly fine and intricate details.  Strong & Flexible is available in the following colors: white, blue, purple, red, pink, yellow, green, and orange.

Package includes one (1) replacement auger printed as two (2) pieces; PRINTED & SHIPPED BY SHAPEWAYS