Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What type of material do you print with?

Currently, all of our products are printed in ABS plastic. The same plastic that Lego® building blocks are made of. ABS plastic is safe, non-toxic, and long lasting.


What can be done to make the surface smoother?

ABS plastic can be sanded, drilled, and cut with a hobby knife. In addition, Acetone can be used to slightly melt the plastic making a smooth glossy finish. This can be done by applying Acetone to a rag and wiping done the item.


Can the items be painted and with what type of paint?

Yes, the products can be painted and weathered. For large items like the 1950's Bus Kit and the CPI Snow Plow Kit, we recommend using a primer before painting; a good primer to use is one with filler. For smaller items no priming is necessary. ABS plastic can be painted with both enamal paints and acrylic paints, and can be sealed with a paint sealer.